Accidents and crimes happen every day. Some of these incidents result in blood spills. While it may seem like the right thing to do at the time, victims of violent crimes and accidents should never attempt to clean up areas with blood for several important reasons:

Psychological & Emotional Safety

Going through a bloody accident or violent crime — or seeing someone you know go through it — is a traumatic experience that can haunt you for years — sometimes for the rest of your life. Preserving your psychological and emotional health and minimizing further damage is critical in traumatic situations. You and your loved ones should protect yourselves during this critical recovery time — cleaning up blood yourself will not help heal the people involved. In fact, after a violent experience a person can develop Critical Incident Stress disorder, also known as CIS. OSHA published a CIS Guide about this disorder; it is one of the most important reasons not to clean up blood spills yourself. It’s critical in situations like this to contact a crime scene cleanup specialist, such as ArchAngels, who will work fast and treat your family with sensitivity and respect during a traumatic experience.

Personal Safety

Blood borne pathogens also pose immediate dangers to untrained persons attempting to clean up blood. The Center for Disease Control lists the most concerning blood borne diseases: HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C are three of the most common and dangerous. C-Diff and MRSA are also deadly bacteria that are easily transmitted through blood. These pathogens should be regarded as deadly and dangerous, and any blood spills — from either accidents or crimes — require professional biohazard cleaning services.

ArchAngels can help with any type of blood cleanup including suicide cleanup, homicide cleanup, decomposition cleanup, and industrial accident scenes.

When faced with tragedy, do the right thing: protect your family and loved ones and call professionals. We are here to help and will make it a priority to assist you in a prompt and timely manner.