Biohazards Require Professional Cleaning and Disinfecting

It seems like every day you hear about a new biohazard breaking out in a city or in a business: Ebola in an airport, Norovirus on a cruise ship, C-Difficile in a hospital setting. As viruses evolve to become antibiotic resistant or more aggressive, it becomes more critical to utilize professional cleaning and disinfecting services such as ArchAngels BioRecovery to ensure that safety is achieved.

It’s not just hospitals, medical facilities, and laboratories that are at risk: other regulated environments such as schools, prisons and municipal buildings risk exposure to viruses such as HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C, measles, MRSA, C-diff and Noro viruses. These viruses are transmittable via blood and other biological fluids, passed directly or via surfaces – and some may also be airborne.

ArchAngels Performs Reactive and Proactive Sanitization

ArchAngels performs both reactive and proactive sanitization of facilities that are at risk for biohazards and communicable diseases. ArchAngels is one of only a handful of remediation companies in the country that is prepared to handle a mass widespread of the Ebola virus. We strictly adhere to the OSHA, EPA, CDC and other state and local health and environmental agency regulations and are compliant with proper certifications, insurance and training requirements. We also work with homeowners and facility managers where a seriously ill person may have contaminated the property.

Biohazard Remediation Means You Must Remove All Biological Material

How do you clean up an environment that’s contaminated with viral or bacterial hazards? You’re usually dealing not just with visible evidence, but also invisible dangers. It’s a lot more complicated than simply pouring bleach on the surfaces you suspect are involved. Biohazard remediation means you must remove all biological material, no matter how small, and disinfect both surfaces and air.
ArchAngels follows a methodical process to isolate infected areas one at a time, sealing off areas to prevent cross-contamination or reintroduction of hazards. Full protective gear is worn at all times, and cleaning solutions are applied specific to known pathogens (for example, Noro virus requires a specific disinfectant). Every surface is cleaned, and testing is done on multiple areas to ensure that any remaining biological activity is at or below the legal requirements established for food preparation and hospital safety.

You Can Trust ArchAngels with Biohazard Remediation

Discretion, efficiency and safety are our top priorities for you. We know you want your business or home returned to safety as quickly as possible, but without cutting corners or creating long-term risk. Our highly trained specialists will arrive quickly to the scene, evaluate the situation, and provide a comprehensive scope of work estimate.

In business for over 10 years, ArchAngels BioRecovery is an ABRA-certified leader in the bioremediation industry. We are family owned and headquartered in the Midwestern US, with offices and partners throughout the country. We can typically dispatch a crew within hours of your call to our 24/7 hotline.


"The Archangels team did a great job in a stressful situation. My mom had passed away in her home and they showed up right away, even though I was out of town and it was 2 days until Christmas. They worked through the Christmas holiday to make sure the house was cleaned up quickly. They did a wonderful job, and Kevin was very helpful through the entire process. Thank you."
-- ArchAngels Customer, name private
"The two gentlemen that came to my house, read the agreement in full and I signed and dated it. They did a good job cleaning up the spill with professionalism. I appreciate the same day service with the clean up. Thank you again for your friendly service."
-- Donna P., Fond du Lac, WI
"Dealing with Archangels was simple and professional during a very difficult time. They were able to respond very quickly and completed the services sooner than expected. After Archangels services, the home was restored to its normal condition without any traces of the incident or of the cleaning."
-- Bahr Family
“The staff at Archangels is outstanding!! We were treated with kindness and sympathy. They took the time to explain every step that was being taken. Thank you."
-- Marisela M.