ArchAngels provides unattended death cleanup services to individual families, property managers, healthcare facilities and other types of commercial accounts.

Recovering Property after Unattended Death or Decomposition Damage

It’s one of the most difficult jobs we take on, but we take pride in our ability to help restore even the most difficult situations back to a disinfected and clean status. In this business, we refer to a situation involving decomposition or a decomposed body as an “unattended death” – but in certain climates the damage can intensify even after a few hours. ArchAngels BioRecovery provides unattended death cleanup services to individual families, property managers, healthcare facilities and other types of commercial accounts.

What to Do When There’s an Unattended Death or Decomposition in a House

It’s never pleasant to think about, but people die and are left undiscovered more frequently than you imagine. It may be that they were an extreme case of anti-social behavior or hoarding, or simply because of living away from friends and relatives. In the situation where a body is decomposed in a home, it’s always advisable to bring in a professional trauma cleaning service like ArchAngels. It’s unlikely that an amateur or even non-specialist professional cleaning crew would be able to bring the house back to a sanitized condition.

What to Expect When We Arrive

  1. Our teams will walk you through every step of the evaluation and estimation process.
  2. We will issue a written estimate and help you understand your payment options, and will work with your insurance company if required.
  3. Our crew will wear full biohazard suit and protective equipment when entering affected areas (and you should too!)
  4. We will work to your satisfaction and communicate with you throughout, providing full documentation for your records.

First Steps: Removal of Biological Fluids

When a person passes away and the remains are not found for a period of time, the horrific process of dealing with the aftermath of the decomposing body is left to an already grief-stricken family. Following the removal of the body, damage within the home will exist. It’s critical to properly remove ALL of the biological fluids left behind following the body removal. Within a matter of a few days, the organic vapors and bacteria that have developed begin to cause an indescribably unpleasant odor. In summer months or hot environments, the damage can begin in a matter of hours. The odor can leave the home inhabitable, and poses health hazards for future residents of the property. Personal property such as cabinets, furniture, books, fabrics, clothes and carpeting will retain the odors and need to be discarded. In the worst case scenario, odor and fluids permeate into the porous areas of the structure and the removal of such things as drywall, concrete, wood joists, beams and paneling is required.

Professional Trauma Scene Cleaners Clean, Disinfect and Deodorize

The task of properly remediating a property should only be performed by professional trauma scene cleaners such as Archangels Biorecovery. Utilizing experienced biohazard remediation and death cleaning specialists, Archangels Biorecovery will clean, disinfect and deodorize all surfaces while following approved safety and disinfection procedures. Personal property will be handled with dignity and compassion as it is removed from the property. Affected structure, such as flooring, will be disposed of according to biohazard regulations. After completing the cleaning process, “ATP” (adenosine triphosphate) fluorescence testing is used to verify a high sanitation level. This technology is the same adenosine process used in hospital and other healthcare facilities.

Safe and Biohazard-Free – 100% Guaranteed

Upon completion of work the home will be prepared for restoration and a Certificate of Completion will be issued, which 100% guarantees that the area treated is free from any biohazardous material. The Certificate of Completion can be provided by the property owner to any party interested in verifying the home has been professionally disinfected and sanitized. In the case of a house sale, this can be beneficial in transaction valuation.


ArchAngels BioRecovery is a SPECIALIST trauma and crime scene cleanup company -- not a fire, water, mold, restoration franchise, janitorial company or a "jack of all trades" venturing into this field. Our field of expertise is infection control in any type of event or environment. ArchAngels BioRecovery is an ABRA-certified leader in the bioremediation industry that works closely with funeral home partners and law enforcement to help clean a scene following a death or traumatic incident.

Archangels Biorecovery has a dedicated insurance claims unit staffed with experienced adjusters specializing in biohazard mitigation and trained in the use of Xactimate to work closely with insurance carriers through the claims resolution process.


"The Archangels team did a great job in a stressful situation. My mom had passed away in her home and they showed up right away, even though I was out of town and it was 2 days until Christmas. They worked through the Christmas holiday to make sure the house was cleaned up quickly. They did a wonderful job, and Kevin was very helpful through the entire process. Thank you."
-- ArchAngels Customer, name private
"The two gentlemen that came to my house, read the agreement in full and I signed and dated it. They did a good job cleaning up the spill with professionalism. I appreciate the same day service with the clean up. Thank you again for your friendly service."
-- Donna P., Fond du Lac, WI
"Dealing with Archangels was simple and professional during a very difficult time. They were able to respond very quickly and completed the services sooner than expected. After Archangels services, the home was restored to its normal condition without any traces of the incident or of the cleaning."
-- Bahr Family
“The staff at Archangels is outstanding!! We were treated with kindness and sympathy. They took the time to explain every step that was being taken. Thank you."
-- Marisela M.