Typically speaking the property owner, the next of kin of the deceased or other family members will contract the cleaning services. In some cases, our services are contracted through the insurance company or a representative of the estate of the deceased.
Homeowner’s insurance will typically pay for the clean-up costs associated with an accidental death clean-up. We will assist you by filing a claim, and working directly with your insurance representative, so that you can focus on what matters most during this difficult time. While we are unable to determine which benefits you qualify for, after the claim is filed, your insurance company will be able to confirm coverage and should allow you to select the cleaning service that you feel most comfortable with. Our company has established professional relationships with major insurance providers, allowing us to work directly between each party for your benefit.

If your homeowner’s insurance does not defray the cost of our cleaning services, we accept all major credit cards and individual payment plans. In some cases, a portion of the cost might be paid through the crime victim compensation funds provided by the state. ArchAngels also provides no-insurance discounts and financial hardship programs if qualifications are met, we insure that you are assisted and comfortable with proceeding before services are started.

Whatever your finances, our team will work with you to choose the best payment options for you.

Every scene is different and each is estimated based on its own merit. The costs related our service varies based on the extent of damage to the structure and its contents. It is very difficult to immediately provide an estimate for services as much of the scope of work required is determined while the work itself is in progress. Some of the factors that determine the cost include, but are not limited to, how far biological fluids have traveled, if flooring needs to be removed, how many layers of flooring, if joists and beams have been affected, if walls and ceilings require cleaning, the amount of personal property affected and if there is an odor, if those organic vapors have embedded themselves into the structure.

Upon arriving at the scene, our experienced team will evaluate the damages and develop a plan for the scope of work expected to be required to clean and sanitize the property successfully. Initially, a range for the cost – both best/worst case scenario – can be provided until any and all complicating factors can be ruled out and a firm estimate can be developed.

ArchAngels offers professional and compassionate services during very emotional times for our customers. Our commitment to taking your mind off cleaning will let you take care of your loved ones as we restore your site to pre-loss condition. We specialize in the decontamination, sanitation and restoration of blood borne pathogens and biohazard disposal in situations involving: homicides, suicides, body decomposition, industrial accidents, vehicle accidents, disease outbreak, natural disasters, mass casualties, human bodily fluids, blood removal, infection control, hoarding, animal urine & feces, filth removal of distressed properties, transportation and disposal of biohazards, law enforcement chemical, MRSA, CDIFF, crime and burglary, GI Bleeds, accidental injuries and unattended deaths.
Our team offers you the following:

  • Decades of biohazard remediation experience
  • Local cleaning technicians
  • Success working on homeowner’s insurance claims
  • Emotional grief consultations
  • Exceptional customer referrals
  • Full compliance with OSHA standards
  • Compliance with all local, state, and federal remediation laws
  • Continuing education for all team members
While we will never force you to use our services, attempting to clean a crime scene by yourself is never advised. You risk exposing yourself to pathogens and other toxic chemicals that are grave risks to your health. Attempting to restore a site yourself can result in further emotional trauma, something that we would never want to put one of our customers through.

We strongly recommend leaving the clean-up process to trusted professionals that have the tools and protective equipment, as well as the expertise, to safely clean a crime scene to highest sanitation levels.

Numerous dangerous bacteria and viruses, chemicals, and particles can jeopardize your health. The emotional distress caused by cleaning up after a suicide or accident can have long-term consequences. You deserve to be protected from this unnecessary exposure by hiring a certified and professional cleaning service.

Offering 24/7 cleaning services, our representatives are responsive to your needs from the moment a call is received. Our goal is to arrive on the scene as quickly as possible. With crews stationed in most metropolitan areas, depending on the availability of the crew local to your territory, arrival at the scene could be as quick as an hour or two, but no longer than 24 hours. Our locally-based technicians are familiar with their respective territories and will work around your schedule, both day and night.

Within the biohazard removal industry, the extent of the scope of work and the time required to remediate a property is uncovered as each layer beneath the surface is tested for the presence of biological fluid. The clean-up period varies greatly depending on the situation. After our initial meeting, we will provide you with a complete plan of action, including an estimated time of completion. Services can range from a few hours to a few days. We will make sure to keep you and or your insurance representative informed throughout the process.

We do not use bleach during our clean-ups because it doesn’t penetrate carpets, fabrics, and hardwood floors like other professional cleaning solutions. Our team uses a full range of hospital-grade solvents and chemicals that are designed to penetrate lingering stains. These products quickly disinfect and sanitize, leaving the site safe and clean.

Once fully-cleaned, the entire site will be safe for your family and loved ones. Our ultimate goal is to make sure that the scene is devoid of any lingering odors, stains, or soiled surfaces. And if you by chance require any additional cleaning, let us know and we’ll gladly come back for a follow-up consultation.

All of our clean-up professionals are trained and certified in the latest techniques in property restoration. We regularly require our employees to keep their certifications up-to-date and attend regular training seminars and conferences across the country.

Providing the recommended scope of work has been performed, we guarantee when our work is completed that the property is free of any biological fluids or other potentially infectious materials. The customer is provided with a Certificate of Completion which states that the property has been professionally remediated and outlines all the services that were completed.

Our team will work quickly and discreetly to clean your site in the fastest manner possible, helping you get on the track to recovery. That’s our promise to you.

No. As long as we have access to the property, if you choose not to be on-site during our cleaning process, we completely understand. If possible, we do prefer to conduct a final walk through when the work is completed to ensure customer satisfaction. Whether you’d like to monitor our work, or only visit once the job is complete, our team will treat your home with the same respect as if it was their own.

Our team prides itself in finding the proper cleaning product to remove any foul or lingering smells. Minimally-invasive and deep-penetrating, these solutions will remove the source of the intrusive odor. In some cases, structural removal is required. Without seeking out the cause of the smell, it may remain for weeks, months, or even years.

Yes. We understand the emotional distress you may be experiencing. Although the vast majority of our cases are handled directly through insurance, in the event that this option is not available to you, we will work with you to develop a payment plan conducive to your finances.

ArchAngels accepts all major credit cards. We provide financial hardship programs if certain qualifications are met and also have the ability to be paid directly from the deceased estate or the sale of the property.


"The Archangels team did a great job in a stressful situation. My mom had passed away in her home and they showed up right away, even though I was out of town and it was 2 days until Christmas. They worked through the Christmas holiday to make sure the house was cleaned up quickly. They did a wonderful job, and Kevin was very helpful through the entire process. Thank you."
-- ArchAngels Customer, name private
"The two gentlemen that came to my house, read the agreement in full and I signed and dated it. They did a good job cleaning up the spill with professionalism. I appreciate the same day service with the clean up. Thank you again for your friendly service."
-- Donna P., Fond du Lac, WI
"Dealing with Archangels was simple and professional during a very difficult time. They were able to respond very quickly and completed the services sooner than expected. After Archangels services, the home was restored to its normal condition without any traces of the incident or of the cleaning."
-- Bahr Family
“The staff at Archangels is outstanding!! We were treated with kindness and sympathy. They took the time to explain every step that was being taken. Thank you."
-- Marisela M.